We are not them

by sajin on August 9, 2012

Saw this movie a few years back, where a drug addict girl gets abducted. It’s mostly about the dad who single handedly sets out to save his daughter. But the one thing that struck me in that movie was this black guy asking something like “ever since I was 10, rich elite guys like you come here and ask me if I sell dope. What did you expect me to end up as?”

On a different occassion, I heard the same words when a friend was chided to be happy about a Pakistan win in cricket. Though the comment was made in jest, to be in the receiving end of that kind of branding based on one’s religion wouldn’t have been a pleasant thing. “Yeah go ahead and do it, am used to it ever since my childhood”, he said in a resigning tone. Was sad to see what we do to people, especially since this friend of mine never brought religion to any place it doesn’t belong.

On both occassions I was disturbed for days together. Now, there is a replay of it going on. “We are Sikhs and peaceful folks, not the other-guys”. The unsaid is that the other guys are harmful. And some stupid TV guys stretch it even further to say “it is unfortunate that this happened due to mistaken identity”. WTF do you mean? It’s unfortunate that this happened – mistaken or right identity! Forget the regular folks, this comes from the Congress spokesperson and other TV commentators who are supposedly eminent and sensitive!

Fact follows the branding, as if it’s a freaking sales pitch.

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