by sajin on January 11, 2012

Recently there was this talk-show where people were discussing how effective Kerala’s chief minister is. Everyone was agreeing on how good he is with the masses and how his certain programs on transparency and openness are appreciated by all. One lady made a point that while she too agrees with the views on his success among peers and the people, he is far from a success in being able to influence those above him. She went on to state that his popularity and influence among masses is fairly useless if he doesn’t have the clout (with center, investors, etc.) to bring in the changes that they need.

While it is arguable if her points apply to the CM (and I believe it doesn’t to a large extent), the point she made did make an impact on me. Being able to influence your team or your people is a power that comes with a lot of responsibility. If you do not have the clout to bring them what they need, you should practise restraint on the infleuncing part as well. Else it becomes more of a selfish motive than leading or mentoring.

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