If it’s bad, it must be true

by sajin on October 27, 2012

Looking at tweets and FB shares by friends, am surprised by the above theory which most seems to go by – if it’s bad, it must be true. Put a conspiracy theory out there, people readily share it without verifying the facts. Once couple of your friends share a lie, it starts appearing like a fact. What this creates is an unhealthy environment of people turning cynical about everything around them. No one seems to take responsibility of the fact that reiterating a view that someone else made generally means you are endorsing the view.

It’s surprising how educated and otherwise smart people turn into complete dumbos when they get to FB. Am sure the lack of trust in current government is one reason for this trend in India. But then, the way completely false news comes up and gets propagated, am starting to think these are not happening by accident. If someone is taking time fabricating news and faking photographs and not even bothering to back-link them, then the interest is worse than commercial.

Now there is one conspiracy theory for you to share. Or may be it isn’t negative enough to be shared!

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