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by sajin on February 4, 2012

After our maid quit without notice, me and Sini are taking turns Working From Home during the second half of the day. Usually my afternoon routine on one of those days is to have lunch with Ishita and then put her to bed and get back to my work.

Last week one afternoon, she asked me to read her a book as soon as she came back from school. In a bid to distract, I promised to read it to her after lunch. We had a quick lunch with the usual race where I challenge her to beat me in finishing first. Of course, she manages to win all the time – this is one part she hasn’t figured out yet 🙂

After lunch I got to work and Ishita was playing something. It appears she wasn’t just playing but observing me as well. She waited a good 15 minutes and then came to me.

“Hmm… what were you telling me before lunch? I think you were telling me that you will start working after lunch”

Needless to say, I was speechless. Only part I couldn’t figure out is if it was due to the fact that she figured out sarcasm at such a young age or being ashamed of trying to fool her. Mix of both, I guess.

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